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With regard to the "news" concerning the troops the Romanian Ministry of National Defence allegedly sent in a relief mission in Haiti, that was published on a Romanian website then taken over as news by several publications, the Press Office of the Ministry of National Defence offers the following clarifications:
The information is false and was published on a website with satirical contents. Readers were misled into thinking the information was true. This was unethical journalistic attitude that could prove highly prejudicial to the image of individuals or institutions the material referred to.
The position of the Ministry of National Defence in the matter is that using such dramatic situations, as that of the Haitian people in the aftermath of the tragic earthquakes, for commercial use is both inappropriate and regretable and it strongly rejects any possible involvement of the institution name and image in such actions.
Public communication of the Ministry of National Defence would be disseminated exclusively through official chanels. We wish to use this opportunity to appreciate the professionalism of those journalists who always verify information generated by such pseudo-sources before releasing them.

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