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The annual report on the activity of the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information in 2009 was held on February 24. The activity was attended by the Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, the State Secretary, Mihail Vasile Ozunu and representatives of central structures of the ministry.
The report accounted for last year's achievements of this department that is the interface with other military or civilian institutions. It was considered that it accomplished the tasks assumed and in compliance with its manning and logistic support.
In 2010, the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information aims at improving its activity as much as possible, that is reducing bureaucracy and speeding up the information flow and task accomplishment. Enforcing measures meant to improve the living standard of military personnel and an efficient management of the MoND patrimony are some of the priorities.
Minister Gabriel Oprea said: "I consider this structure plays an important role in the activity of the military institution as a whole. I speak here of the legal assistance and representing the interests of MoND, the liaison with the Parliament, the public authorities, the NGOs and last but not least, with the tax-paying citizen, who has to be informed on the way the military uses public funds for its constitutional responsibilities".
Minister Gabriel Oprea appreciated that, despite financial difficulties the department specialists successfully solved complex activities, covering a large range of responsibilities, from harmonization of normative acts with the EU legislation, up to the legal assistance granted to achieve the technical agreements for cooperation with foreign armed forces, from the adequate identification and solve of the personnel's social problems, up to the management of the legal regime of the MoND real estate patrimony and coordination of the medical and sanitary-veterinary assistance within the armed forces.
Reviewing 2010 goals of the Department, the Minister of National Defence mentioned the importance of improving the living standard of the military personnel that should be a priority as they manage sensitive areas that could generate improved living standards and motivation for active duty personnel and reserves as important factors for the cohesion within the military system, as a whole.
Efficient coordination of the measures meant to improve personnel's welfare is considered as a very important part in solving the problems military personnel is confronted with, the injured in the theaters of operations, the heroes' families or war veterans: "Draft laws on improving soldiers' working and living conditions should be promoted quickly along with those concerning the social problems of the enlisted soldiers and NCOs, or discriminating treatment of different categories of personnel".
Minister Gabriel Oprea assured the personnel of the Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information of his entire support in all the department's projects so that the missions of the Romanian Armed Forces should be successfully accomplished.

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