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The Minister of National Defence, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, participated in the Government meeting of Tuesday, March 9 and presented the draft Decision issued by the Ministry of National Defence on declassifying certain information. The Government approved the Decision as the information under discussion can no longer be prejudicial to national security, defence and public order and legal, public or private persons.

This legal document unclassified information classified as top secret, secret and confidential, that have been identified after H.G. nr. 94/2010 has been adopted. H.G. nr. 94/2010 was issued for the declassification of top secret information, pertaining to the Ministry of National Defence, enclosed in File 97/P/1990, at the Military Prosecutorís Office. The declassification was agreed upon by the parties that issued or owned them.
This way the last documents, requested by the Prosecutorís Office and the December 21, 1989 Association, that were still in possession of the Ministry of National Defence will be declassified.

The Decision was adopted based on the provisions of Art.108 of the republished Constitution, of Art. 24, para (4) of Law 182/2002 on classified information (as amended and completed later) as well as Art. 19 and 20 para (1), b) of National Protection Standards in Romania, adopted by Government Decision 585/2002, (as amended and completed later). Public institutions and authorities that manage copies of such documents will take the necessary steps, as stipulated by law.

The December 21, 1989 Association forwarded a complaint at the European Court for Human Rights concerning File 97/P/1990 at the Prosecutor's Office Military Prosecutor's Office Section, a file also known as "Dosarele RevoluĢiei" (Revolution Files).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the Prosecutorís Office to make the necessary files available, so that the Association members could drfat their defence pleas before the Court.

As some of the documents are classified as confidential or top secret, the Prosecuto's Office requested the Ministry of National Defence to declassify the respective documents.

The declassification of top secret documents is done consequent to a Government Decision to this effect.

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