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NATO Day was celebrated with a ceremony organized on Friday, April 2, that was attended by the Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea, State Secretary Mihail Vasile-Ozunu and Chief of General Staff Admiral Gheorghe Marin.

During the military ceremony celebrating 61 years since the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and six years since Romania has joined the Alliance, Romanian and NATO Colours were hoisted while Romanian and NATO anthems were played.
The event organized at MoND HQ was attended by generals, other military and civil personnel.

NATO Day was also celebrated with ceremonies organized in military units across the country in cooperation with local authorities.

* * *

Romania joined NATO as a result of the will and joint effort of the political class and the entire Romanian society.

Romanian military detachments in the theaters of operations and other missions abroad remembered the landmarks of the process for the country’s joining NATO.

As national vector in the Euro-Atlantic integration, the Romanian Armed Forces made sustained efforts to achieve that important goal and paid its toll of heroes killed in action whose names will be forever written in gold in the Nation’s History Book.

The courage, devotion and determination of its military men made Romania a reliable and predictable ally, an active security provider within the Alliance.

Six years after having become a NATO member, Romanian Armed Forces are an effective and efficient body of professionals, capable of meeting the challenges of the present security environment, of achieving its missions at home and abroad.

"NATO Day in România" is celebrated according to the provisions of Law No. 390 adopted by the Romanian Parliament on September 28, 2004. The event is a celebration of "European and Euro-Atlantic democracy and spirit ".

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