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The deployment of the 4th garrison-type OMLT in Afghanistan was marked by a ceremony organized at the 8th Alexandru Ioan Cuza Artillery Brigade HQ in Focºani, on Thursday April 8.

Present there were the families of the forces to be deployed, the brigade personnel, the Commander of the Joint Operational Command, Maj.Gen. Visarion Neagoe and representatives of the local public authorities.

Maj.Gen. Visarion Neagoe delivered the message of the defence minister: "I know you trained hard and passed difficult selection and training tests that prepared you for taking over the mission of your colleagues who are still conducting there a difficult mission in a theater of operations that requires special combat skills ".

Minister Oprea wished the team good luck and expressed his confidence in the team’s effort capacity to increase the efficiency of the ANA troops by the end of the six month period of training and guidance.

“Your mission will be carried out in a complex, difficult and hostile environment where you will have to plan, organize and execute both training tasks and specific tasks along with your allied partners and ANA troops. The key for the success rests in your capacity of cooperation with ANA soldiers but also with Romanian and American forces in the Multinational Force. The forth rotation of the garrison-type OMLT, proves that Romania is accomplishing, with remarkable results, its commitments as NATO ally, but mostly the professionalism and determination of the 8th Artillery Brigade, the one you are part of”, Minister Oprea also stated in his message.

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