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Public Relations Directorate from the Ministry of National Defence supported by the General Staff organizes the first Course for War Correspondents intended to training the civil journalists participating to activities in hot beds or theaters of operations. The model of this course is the project developed few years ago by the Belgian Armed Forces enlisting 14 students per series being structured on two modules; the first in Bucharest between May 18 and 19, 04 and the second in a military unit in Predeal between June 10 and 11, 04.

Knowing the factors of risk where the military operations should be developed, different types of armament, ammunition and anti-personnel mines, NBC protection and first care will be the theoretical and practical themes the students will be trained. Also they will be learned about the media working rules during the campaign and there will be organized a 5.45mm automatic gun firing session.

The necessity to organize such type of course derives from the missions the Romanian Armed Forces are implied in and the new status of the country as a NATO member. The requests of the journalists for participating to different missions in the theaters of operations and the losses of the international media in different areas of conflict all over the world (in the last 10 years there were more then 1000 losses) represent the base for training the Romanian journalists for their becoming acquaintance of things,
learning some working proceedings and surviving in hostile environment.
More details:Cpt.cmdr. Tiberiu Fratila

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