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The Joint Logistic Command was the host of the ceremony organized on Friday, April 16, for the deployment in the theater of operations in Afghanistan of the troops of the National Support Element.

The activity was attended by the relatives of the families to be deployed, the chief of the Logistic Directorate in the General Staff, Major General Valentin Petre, staff officers, personnel of the Joint Logistic Command and subordinate units.

The chief of the Joint Logistic Command, Major General Cătălin Zisu, conveyed the defence minister`s message: "It is really important that you approach each mission with responsibility that you stay within the established procedures that you are disciplined and correct in all your interactions with our allies and partners. You will be able to overcome all difficulties by acting professional, serious, courageous and upright".

The troops` mission will consist in logistic support of the Romanian contingents rotation, equipment maintenance, procuring the necessary materials and cooperating with the US Natinal Command Element.

"Through he missions conducted in the theaters of operations, our troops contributed to the strengthening of Romania`s position as an active security provider within NATO and showed our determination to promote and defend Romania`s security interests, whenever and wherever they are needed", the message of the defence minister spelled.

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