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Ph.D. George Cristian Maior, State Secretary and chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defence Policy a special guest to the conference “Increase of the US business in South Eastern Europe” lectured on the favorable impact as NATO member over the Romanian business environment and the economic dimension associated to the Romanian-USA strategic partnership in defence and security.

The conference enlisted the manifestations occasioned by the Summit Forum Invest developed these days in the US capital.

The Romanian dignitary underlined that the first and the most important impact of join to NATO is the indirect increase of investments especially the US ones in the Romanian economy as part of unique political and economic community.

Mr. Maior showed that the Romania-USA strategic partnership is based on the common perception and the mutual understanding on the global war against terrorism, stabilization in Iraq, development of certain actions as response to the existing crisis in Afghanistan, Balkans and other areas. The Romanian-USA common interests of security offere guaranty and sustainability not only in trade exchanges but also in investments related to the infrastructure of security in Romania allowing the increase of the Romanian military capabilities according to the needs of the North Atlantic Alliance financed from a common budget.

The strategic partnership between Romania and USA in security and defence consists in three areas of cooperation: ”transformation” of defence, install of military bases in Romania and achieve of regional projects. Romania’s position at the Eastern border of NATO is a favorable factor for the development of investment regarding the projection of force and its support and equally in communication. Thus the geopolitic role of Romania is increased giving a new perspective in promoting the political stability, economic increase and military reforms in the so called “arch of crisis”, the space within Mediterranean Sea, Middle East, Black Sea and Caucasus.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Maior underlined: “Development of the Romanian-USA strategic partnership is according the new trends of security and defence, economic and social developments, infrastructure necessary to the projection of force”.

At the event in Washington D.C. participants are officials of the Romanian and American governments, businessmen, first rank economic actors from the two countries and the European Union, IMF and World Bank delegates, politicians and media representatives.

The conference under the patronage of the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Romanian Embassy in Washington D.C. is organized by Forum Invest, the US Institute of East European Investments and the US Chamber of Trade from Romania.

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