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The topics approached during the official talks between the Minister of National Defence and the Chairman of NATO Military Committee held at the defence ministry on Thursday, May 13, were related to NATO-led operations in Afghanistan and Romanian participation in allied missions.

Minister Gabriel Oprea emphasized that Romanian Armed Forces will continue to be an active contributor to missions in the theaters of operations. "As a NATO member, Romania fully shares the founding principles of the Alliance being aware of its responsibilities deriving from the assumed commitments. Romania has significantly increased its contribution to security and stability in Afghanistan, with an additional 600 troops to be deployed in the theater of operations in May. The president of the country supports the military, the increase of its capabilities and fulfilling the assumed commitments. Romania`s prompt acceptance of placing parts of the anti-missile shield on the national territory is once more a confirmation of the responsibility Romania shows in dealing with issues related to national, south-east European and allied security" minister Gabriel Oprea said.

He continued by saying that he participated several days before in the ceremony organized for the departure of the 811th Maneuver Battalion and a part of the personnel of the Combined Team Zabul to Afghanistan.

The minister continued by saying that he ordered measures be taken for cutting expenses and reviewing priorities so that sustaining and equipping troops involved in international missions should come first.

The Chairman of NATO Military Committee thanked Romania for its significant contribution to the mission in Afghanistan and the efforts made for its success, especially during these times of economic crisis. Admiral Di Paola expressed his sorrow for the death of Valeric„ Leu, the soldier who died in Afghanistan on Wednesday and sent his heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

Admiral Di Paola said that Romania is a good example among the allies for the active way it gets involved in allied initiatives, both in quantity and quality of troops. He continued saying that he knew the Romanian military for almost 15 years and was always glad to speak highly of Romanian soldiers. He noted that as far as NATO transformation is concerned he considers Romania has taken the right path and that the Alliance relies on the important role Romanian military would continue to play in the future missions of the Alliance.

The talks that Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola had with Admiral Gheorghe Marin focused on the increase of the Romanian military participation in the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan

The Romanian Chief of Defence said that Romanian military would contribute two maneuver battalions - as compared to the current one -, would increase the number of staf officers in the Romanian-American mixed command and would have more OMLTs as well as an augmented logistic support structure. "As compared to the previous years, our military presence in Afghanistan is more substantial which comes as proof of the increase of the capability of the Romanian military as an expeditionary force" Admiral Gheorghe Marin declared.

The two officials also talked of the transformation process of the Romanian Armed Forces in the context of NATO transformation, of the Romanian participation in NATO command and forces structure as well as of the Romanian contribution to NRF.

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