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June 10. It was an important regional cooperation initiative that brought together representatives of all nine founding states. The Chiefs of Defence from Croatia and
Slovenia were among the guests, as well as the Vice President of NATO Military Committee, the Chairman of the EU Military Committee and the Joint Allied Command, Naples.

The 1st Conference of Balkan states CHoDs was organized in Salonica, on April 18, 2007, the next one took place in Antalya, on July 7 2008 and then in Belgrade, on June 9, 2009.

The 4th Conference highlighted the good neighbourly relations and reiterated the solidarity and commitments assumed on the previous conferences, with a view to maintaining and promoting a more secure environment in the Balkans.

The CHoDs expressed their confidence that the workshops of the Coordination Group and two subgroups offered the appropriate working frame for fruitful discussions on present-day challenges, risks and threats that could be prevented through joint efforts.

The CHoDs saluted the view points expressed by the NATO and EU representatives and appreciated the support they gave to the conference.

They confirmed their wish to further cooperation and develop relations while taking into account the important role played by NATO and EU in the region.

Lieutenant General Miroslav STOJANOVSKY offered that Skopje host the next conference to be held in 2011.

All participants expressed their gratitude to Admiral Gheorghe Marin and his staff for hosting the event and for their, by now traditional, hospitality.

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