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The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, and the Chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, participated in the events organized on June 18, the last day of the military exercise "VECTORUL 2010" in Capu Midia Shooting range.

Troops of the Navy Forces conducted artillery fire with weapons of all calibers on board of ships, launched anti-submarine bombs and torpedoes while a ship and a mobile rocket-launcher on the shore launched anti-ship rockets. 16 navy ships and two Puma helicopters as well as other forces were involved in the exercise.

The defence minister thanked the soldiers for the way they conducted the missions saying that exercises are an opportunity to evaluate the training level. Minister Oprea reiterated the importance of training in shooting ranges for the future success in combat situations. He spoke highly of the soldiers` good training, congratulated them on the camaraderie and combat spirit which would make them winners in the real combat situations.

Over 400 troops from all military services were involved during the last couple of weeks in the most ample exercise fire of the year conducted in the Capu Midia and Mălina Shooting Ranges.

At this time, 100 Land Forces troops, 53rd TROPHAEUM TRAIANI Air Defence Regiment, conducted complex shooting with air-defence rockets during some tactical exercises.

Some 2000 Air Force troops participated in the "Șoimul 2010" and "Istria 2010" exercises conducted in the Capu Midia and Mălina Shooting Ranges; all types of weapons were involved in the exercises: aircraft, air-defence artillery, ground-to-air rockets, radar, engineers, electronic warfare and communications.

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