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The Center for Coordination and Implementation of the Access Agreement (CCMIA), in the Department for Defence Policy and Planning, organized the semester reunion of the Inter-ministry Committee, at the defence ministry HQ, on Tuesday, June 22. The committee was established based on H.G. No. 565/2007, as completed by H.G. No. 456/2008, for the implentation of Law No. 268/2006 on the Agreement between Romania and the USA on the activities of US forces stationed on Romanian territory (Access Agreement).

The reunion was chaired by the Chairman of the Inter-ministry Committee, Mr, Viorel Oancea, State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning in the Ministry of National Defence. The event was attended by state secretaries, other representatives of ministries and public institutions with responsibilities in implementing the provisions of the Access Agreement.

The audience was presented the conclusions and propositions of the June 14 reunion in Bucharest. The officials present at the reunion informed of the accomplishment level of the requirements deriving from the Access Agreement in their respective domains of responsibility.

The audience was also informed of the establishment in the Department for Defence Policy and Planning of the permanent technical secretariat of the Inter-ministry Committee meant to liaise with the foreign troops, as provided by Law No. 291/2007 concerning foreign forces stationed on Romanian territory, by H.G. nr. 806/2009 on the organization and responsibilities of the Inter-ministry Committee in liaising with foreign military troops and the Order of the Minister of National Defence No. M 54/2010.

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