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As of July 1, 2010, the Air Force Staff will be subjected to several structural changes meant to increase interoperability with NATO structures as well as continue Air Force traditions.

The changes are as follows:
- The 90th Airbase becomes the 90th Air Flotilla;
- The 71st Airbase becomes the 71st Air Flotilla;
- The 86th Airbase becomes the 86th Air Flotilla;
- The 95th Airbase becomes the 95th Air Flotilla.

The transformation and modernization of the Air Force represents a continuous process in the development and integration of new concepts, strategies, capabilities, that aims at creating flexible operational structures, simplifying the chain of command and control, making them more efficient and capable of adapting to a new, highly complex, security environment.

Air Flotillas are large aviation units organized in squadrons, in accordance with assigned missions, meant to increase combat power, maneuverability and logistic support. The new capabilities offer a better response to the dynamics of an air situation, in an integrated command and control system.

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