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State Secretary Mihail Vasile-Ozunu and the deputy chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Ștefan Oprea, participated in the ceremony organized for the deployment to Afghanistan of the 812th "Șoimii Carpaților" Infantry Battalion. The event took place in Bistrița, on Wednesday, July 7.

In his message to the troops, delivered by State Secretary Vasile-Ozunu, the defence minister advised the soldiers to act in the spirit of camaraderie and to strictly observe the rules of engagement.

"Your presence in the theater of operations speaks of the augmented Romanian contribution to the security and stability of Afghanistan, a huge effort our military is making to be up to its commitments and to its status as an active contributor to fulfilling the missions in the theaters of operations. You, who operate in the theaters of operations, are one of my first concerns. Both the leadership of the military, of the 81st Brigade and the 4th "Gemina" Infantry Division are concerned with increasing your security and protection level during your mission and to assist your families", minister Oprea said in his message.

The minister thanked the troops who were and still are involved in the containment of the flood effects, stressing that the troops operate in the first line of the antiterrorist coalition front to fulfill our commitments abroad, while at home they conduct the battle with the flood.

The event was attended by the families of the departing troops, the chief of Land Forces Staff, Maj. Gen. Dan Ghica-Radu, representatives of the 4th "Gemina" Infantry Division command and local authorities.

The 812th "Șoimii Carpaților" Infantry Battalion is going to replace the 33rd Maneuver Battalion. Their international experience started as far back as 1996, in Angola, the Western Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. This would be their third deployment in the theater of operations in Afghanistan.

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