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The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, visited the municipality of Cluj-Napoca on Thursday, July 15. There he had a meeting with the new leadership of the 4th "Gemina" Infantry Division, with the military and civilian personnel of the division command and subordinate units.

The minister had meetings with representatives of the war veterans associations, reservists and retired personnel. In April 2010, reservists and retired military personnel from Cluj asked minister Oprea to support them in renovating a wing of the Military Club in Cluj-Napoca. The wing would host activities of reservists and military personnel in Cluj garrison. The defence minister said he endorsed the proposition and would see that it was solved in three months.

The newly renovated spaces were inaugurated on Thursday in the presence of the defence minister, one month earlier than planned.

The defence minister met with representatives of the local public administration, to evaluate the stage of the projects initiated during the former visit of April 26.

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