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During a ceremony held on Saturday, August 14, in Constanta Harbor, Romania took over the command of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group BLACKSEAFOR.
Mr. Viorel Oancea, Secretary of State, delivered the message of Mr. Gabriel Oprea, the Minister of National Defence who stated that "the BLACKSEAFOR mission is to strengthen the friendship, good relations and mutual confidence among the Black Sea littoral states through the enhancement of co-operation and interoperability among the naval forces and, along with other economic and political initiatives, to promote security, stability and cooperation in region".
Minister of National Defence also stressed the importance of this moment that happened after almost ten years from the Establishing Agreement of the BLACKSEAFOR and represents, at the same time, a reference point for the history, the present and the future of the Romanian Armed Forces.
"The number of sailors and ships that have participated in the BLACKSEAFOR since its settlement, the many exercises that have been carried out, the amount of documents worked up as well as the standard operational procedures whole-heartedly trained are all solid proofs of a remarkable involvement for reaching the objective", said Minister Gabriel Oprea in his message.
Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group BLACKSEAFOR is thought as an on-call force and is activated twice a year for naval exercises. According to the Protocol of establishment, the command is successively taken over by the six Black Sea littoral states: Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey.
Romania took over the command from Bulgaria. The Deputy Chief of Navy Staff, Rear-Admiral Cristea Cucosel, is in charge with the operational command while Captain Constantin Ciorobea, commander of the Naval Operational Component leads the Group afloat from the "Mărășești" frigate.
Between August 16 and 30, "Mărășești" frigate (Romania), "Salihreis" frigate (Turkey), "Yamal" landing boat, "Cherkasy" and "Priboy" mine sweepers will be involved in training exercises at sea and will touch at Varna (Bulgaria) and Sevastopol (Ukraine) ports.

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