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A military ceremony was organized to mark the deployment of RO FND XXI Detachment to KOSOVO. The ceremony took place at the 32nd MIRCEA Infantry Battalion headquarters in Timișoara, on Wednesday, August 25.

State Secretary Viorel Oancea and Brigadier General Gheorghe Simina, commander of the 18th BANAT Infantry Brigade, participated in the ceremony along troops’ relatives and local authorities.

State Secretary Viorel Oancea read the defence minister’s message to the troops: "Aware of your potential and determination in fulfilling your missions in a professional manner, I am convinced you will adapt to whatever problems you will encounter and will identify the best solutions to them. As your comrades in Afghanistan or other missions abroad, I know you will further the good image of the Romanian military and will continue the efforts the nation is making to meet the challenges of the present international security context” said the defence minister’s message.

Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea reassured the troops from Timișoara that the defence ministry is ready to assist them in their mission in Kosovo, so that it will be a successful and incident-free one.

The Romanian troops participating in peacekeeping - KFOR mission are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure climate in the western part of KOSOVO Province. The main missions of the roughly 80 troops are patrol, escort and monitoring missions for a six month period. The present detachment replaces the troops of the 60th Paratroops Battalion from Buzău.

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