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Inauguration of the Emergency Military Medical Service

The Emergency Military Medical Service was inaugurated during a ceremony that took place at the National Defence Ministry on Friday, September 10. The defence minister took part in the event.

The Emergency Military Medical Service was established by order of the defence minister in order to meet the requirement for a specialized structure in quick calling, intervention and first aid offered on site, transportation and emergency medical care for military personnel on mission on the national territory and at sea within the tactical action area of a military ship.

This medical service will be part of the national emergency medical system that can be called also by the unique emergency telephone number 112.
"We are proud to say that our military has always been ready to urgently transport, by military aircraft, patients in serious condition that needed urgent and highly competent medical care. This emergency service that is connected to the national medical emergency system was created because we consider Life as our most valuable asset to be above efforts or interests. The activity of the military medical personnel that is assisted by a national network of emergency military hospitals will make a difference for the Romanian health-care system” minister Oprea said. He continued by stressing out that this effort will result in an improved medical assistence, efficiency and reaction speed in saving the lives of our fellow men, their speedy recovery and integration back into families and society.

The concept beyond developing this service covers several stages that are to be implemented by May 2011. The first stage consists in equipping the service with two IAR-330 MEDEVAC helicopters, an AN-26 aircraft for MEDEVAC missions, an ambulance and two emergency medical teams as well as an Emergency Room Unit at the Central Military Hospital.

The service will be gradually equipped with other MEDEVAC helicopters, ambulances and medical teams. The final step will be the development of Compartments for Emergency Medical Admission in all hospitals of the military medical network.

The necessary funds will be covered by the defence budget.

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