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Regarding the NBC decontamination detachment in Gulf, the 70 military from 383 NBC Company of the 81st Mechanized Brigade from Bistrita we do the following explanation: according to the notification received from the coalition planners, the official trip to Kuwait of the 55 men and the equipment located in Timisoara Air Base will start April 4, 03 by planes set at disposal by the American part.

The 12 men team arrived in March 12, 03 in the Gulf performed reconnaissance missions and took the necessary measures for preparing the receive of the main forces of this detachment and the respective equipment.

The NBC detachment is trained to perform the non combat missions, NBC search-observation, warning-alarm on the danger of contamination and decontamination of personnel, armament and equipment if the situation requires.

Our country set at the coalition's disposal for Iraqi disarmament according to the Decision of the Parliament of Romania, February 12, 03 not only the use of the air space and the necessary infrastructure but also 278 military. Excepting the NBC detachment the other soldiers - Military Police (25), medical team (30), Engineering detachment (149) and staff officers (4) - are all prepared the go for Gulf as the coalition requires that.

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