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During his visit to the People’s Republic of China, defence minister Gabriel Oprea had a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Liang Guanglie, on Thursday, November 11. The two ministers had talks on military bilateral cooperation, on the ways to strengthen military cooperation in common training of troops and political and military related issues, on the developments of the international security environment.

"The friendly relations our countries have traditionally known over many years translated into cooperation at political, economic, cultural and scientific levels. Good bilateral cooperation relations between of our military hint to the opportunity we have to work together on the transformation of our armed forces, to identify the best solutions in meeting the challenges of the present, to be contributors to global security", minister Gabriel Oprea stated.

In talking of the practical aspects of military bilateral cooperation, the Romanian defence minister said he was especially pleased with the establishment of a Chinese language lab in Bucharest, the first of its kind in Europe. The lab, a donation of the Chinese military, is intended to become a Regional Center in the near future.

Common training exercises conducted by Land Forces units, extended cooperation of military institutes for strategic studies, experience exchanges in aspects concerning the developments of the international security environment were some of the fields the two ministers identified with a view to improving Romanian-Chinese military relations.

During the official talks, the Romanian defence minister highlighted the Romanian experience in the theater of operations in Afghanistan, stressing that the participation in ISAF is a national operational priority despite existing financial constraints.

Minister Liang Guanglie in his turn expressed his satisfaction with the evolution of political and military relations between Romania and the People's Republic of China over their 61-year long history of diplomatic relations, that have always been based on mutual trust. The Chinese defence minister was highly interested in the military experience Romanian has acquired and emphasized the importance of bilateral cooperation, including the common troops training as in this second edition of exercise "Friendship Action 2010" conducted these days with Romanian mountain troops.

That same day, Thursday November 11, Minister Gabriel Oprea had a meeting with General Guo Boxiong, Vice President of the Central Military Committee at the defence ministry location. The officials discussed aspects concerning bilateral relations of the two countries with an emphasis on military ones.

Mr. Oprea also visited Sergeant (R) Daniel Porumb, at present under treatment at the Neurological Institute "Hongtianji". Minister Gabriel Oprea discussed with the soldier and his mother, encouraging them to have confidence in the treatment he is given at this neurological clinic. "You have the power of a symbol and you have earned the respect your comrades in Romania have for you, for the courage and sacrifice you put into your duty. Have confidence that we will always be by your side ", defence minister Gabriel Oprea told Sergeant (R) Porumb.

The minister also spoke with the Chinese doctors thanking them for the care they offer to the Romanian soldier. Daniel Porumb told the minister that he could feel a slight health improvement ever since the first medical procedures had been implemented and that he was optimistic. He thanked the minister for his visit and for the support he got in order to be admitted to such a famous clinic. On October 25, on the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces, the defence minister awarded Daniel Porumb the highest military medal, “Emblema Onoarea Armatei României". At the end of his stay in the People’s Republic of China, the defence minister will pay a new visit to Sergeant (R) Porumb.

On November 12 and 13, defence minister Gabriel Oprea will be present at the Romanian-Chinese common training exercise "Friendship Action 2010", conducted in Kunming, Yunnan Province; he will discuss with the Romanian soldiers of the training programme conducted alongside their Chinese partners.

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