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The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, participated on Thursday, December 16, in the Christmas tree festivity organized at the defence ministry location for the children of military personnel, who died or were wounded in the theaters of operations or at home and in international operations.

Beside the invited families, the event at the defence ministry was attended by military and civilian officials, active or of the reserve.

Minister Oprea thanked everybody for their presence at the feast saying that "This is a nice moment we enjoy together with those whom we owe our gratitude. Romanian Armed Forces hold their heroes in high esteem as they are a symbol for the values that keep us together, Country, Honor and Dignity."

The defence minister continued "We made a promise, that we would assist the families of our heroes and our comrades and we will always watch over their children. As they are our children, the children of the military and because we are as good as our word".

The event continued with presents offered to children and a show of pop and folk music performed by artistic groups and bands from the Military Artistic Ensemble, the 30th Guard Regiment, Children`s Club, Social Assistance and Protection of Children of Sector 6.

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