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A military ceremony was organized on Friday, January 14 for three units to be deployed to Afghanistan: "Tank School Kabul" Detachment, a Team of trainers for the NCO School of the Afghan National Army and a Team of trainers of the Training Battalion.

State Secretary Mihail Vasile-Ozunu delivered the message of the defence minister: "I rely on your capability to make the most of your experience, to interact and cooperate with the allied and ANA troops in order to accomplish your mission. I demand that you prepare carefully for the assigned tasks, that you be fair and disciplined with the troops you are training. Be a role model, observe procedures and the guidance you were given. Always be calm and understanding while thinking ahead to risks and threats. I am confident that your will contribute to the consolidation of the Romanian mission with ANA Training, that you will act with courage and determination ".

The event was attended by the troops` families, by representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, local authorities, war veterans retired military personnel.

* * *

"Tank School Kabul" Detachment under the command of Capt. Adrian Stanciu, consists of five troops who will be in charge of assistance missions available to Afghan trainers. The team of trainers for ANA NCO School under the command of Maj. Ion Martin, is made of ten troops in charge with organizing and conducting ANA NCO training.
The team of trainers of the Training Battalion consisting of five troops under the command of Capt. Valentin Mărcuș, will train Afghan troops.

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