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Major General Ștefan Dănilă, chief of General Staff, made a working visit in the theater of operation in Kosovo, on Monday February 14, as ROFND concluded its mission there.

The Romanian Chief of General Staff and Major General Erhard Bühler, KFOR commander, met and discussed security issues of the KFOR area of operations.

Major General Bühler highlighted the professionalism and determination of the Romanian troops in accomplishing their missions and thanked our country for the entire activity of the ROFND Detachment that completed 21 consecutive rotations in this theater of operations.

Colonel Carlo Emiliani, commander MNBG-West (Multinational Battle Group-West), under whose command ROFND Detachment operated, was awarded the Crest of Honor of the General Staff by Major General Ștefan Dănilă.

During the military ceremony organized at Camp Villaggio in Pec, the chief of General Staff delivered the message of the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea: "Along the nine year presence in this theater of operations, the Romanian troops ensured a stable security environment that eased the mission of local and central authorities and international organizations. The Romanian troops in the theaters of operations played an essential role in the prestige of our country. In accomplishing their missions at the highest standards, Romanian Armed Forces proved once more that our country is a serious and reliable partner of the international community.

Romania`s commitments in these regions, so important for international security, confirmed once more our country`s capability as a security provider. This should be a warrant for the standards of Romania`s future performance in the international structures and organizations, an enhancer of military cooperation with NATO and EU member states and interoperability with allied units`, the defence minister`s message said.

In his message, the minister reassured the troops that he took great pride in the Romanian Armed Forces` participation in the theaters of operations that showed the standards of their training, as in the case of the ROFND Detachment that was able to report "Kosovo, mission accomplished!"

The message addressed to the troops of the ROFND Detachment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Liviu Stoica continued: "I know that missions such as guard, security and community watch, patrol on foot or onboard different vehicles, night and day surveillance from fixed or temporary posts, escorting different types of convoys, recce for own troops or mixed troops, acting as a rapid reaction force were not easy missions which is why I wanted you to know you have my entire gratitude and respect for your professionalism.

At the end of his message, Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea thanked all the troops of the allied and partner countries that operated in Kosovo, for the way they interacted with the Romanian troops of the ROFND Detachment in accomplishing their missions.

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