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The Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea ordered on Wednesday, February 23, that two military aircraft be prepared to fly to Libya and evacuate the Romanian citizens there. The order follows a governmental decision taken as a consequence of the humanitarian crisis that country is facing.

The aircraft take off on Thursday, February 24, from the 90th Airlift Flotilla in Otopeni, destination La Valetta Airport in Malta, at 13.30 hrs.

During the about four hour long flight, the destination is subject to change for Tripoli Airport in Libya, if weather conditions allow it.

If landing in Libya would not be possible, the military aircraft would be on standby on La Valetta Airport, so that they could reach Tripoli in the shortest time possible.

The first aircraft, a C-130 HERCULES, with an average airlift capacity of 70 passengers, flown by Captain Viorel Pană, is to take off at about 13.30. Fifteen minutes later, the second aircraft, a C-27 J SPARTAN, with an average airlift capacity of 45 passengers, is to take off with Commander Emil Tecuceanu as a pilot.

Specialized structures in the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined forces to obtain the necessary flight over authorizations for the trip to Malta and Libya.

The two ministries took into account the number of flights necessary in order to be able to evacuate from Libya, all Romanian citizens that made or would make a request to this effect.

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