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A military ceremony was organized to mark the deployment of an Air Force detachment to Afghanistan, on March 2. Starting April it will hold the command of the Kabul International Airport (KAIA).

The 75-troop detachment will take over the position as leading nation of the Afghan airport from the Hungarians, manning the administrative and command positions of the airport. The Romanian detachment will conduct its activity within NATO-led ISAF operation.

In his message to the troops, the defence minister said: "You worked hard to reach the capability of taking over such an important mission for the Air Forces. I am confident that the way you were selected and your intense training are the premises for a successful mission."

Minister Gabriel Oprea’s message continued "You will operate in a multinational environment in which you will be required to carry out complex missions covering the entire range of operations from air to protecting the forces transiting the most important airport connection in northern Afghanistan. I know a difficult mission lies ahead. You are responsible for the coordination of the daily 450 to 500 flights on that airport, in an area under constant terrorist threat". The minister’s message highlighted his belief that the troops the Air Force chose for this complex mission, the command of the Kabul Allied International Airport, will ensure its success.

Today’s ceremony was attended by soldiers’ families, officers, representatives of the Air Force Staff and the General Staff.

Romania is the first NATO nation to hold this position for one year. Previously, detachments rotated every six months.

Among the main responsibilities of the Romanian troops in command of the airport are coordinating daily flights, airport procedures and processing weather reports. They will also ensure the logistic support of airport activities, ensuring the force protection and airport security, access control, military police missions, identifying and removing improvised explosive devices.

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