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A military ceremony was organized at the 634th Infantry Battalion "Petrodava" HQ, on March 11, to mark the deployment of the Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) to Afghanistan.
The event was attended by soldiers` families and representatives of the 2nd Infantry Division and Operational Command Centre.
The Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea wished the 36 soldiers from OMLT good luck in accomplishing the entrusted mission that requires from each of them professionalism and dedication, pedagogical diplomacy and cooperation ability to reach the stated objectives.
"Your activity will be subordinated to International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan and you will receive the responsibility to offer administrative and staff training and assistance to a battalion part of the Afghan National Army up to the point it is capable to independently carry out fighting missions. The Romanian military from the previous rotations professionally accomplished this entrusted task proving that the Romanian Armed Forces is actively involved in the training process of the Afghan Army", stated the Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea in his message to the troops.
Talking about the mission`s hardship, the Defence Minister also stated: "As I have always done with all the detachments deployed in operational areas, I want to remind you that there you will be "far from home but close to the war".
Not only is Afghanistan a high risk area but also has a heavy terrain, with an inimical climate and it brings an undiscovered impact with a different culture. I ask you to observe the mission`s mandate, the cooperation and engagement procedures and to be alert and careful in all circumstances. Bear in mind that the threats and dangers lurk everywhere and each mission holds a potential risk wherever you might be".
Minister Gabriel Oprea assured the military of the fact that the leadership of both the ministry and brigade will stand in with them the entire six month mission and expressed his confidence in this OMLT team`s capacity to bring the mandate to a successful conclusion, the same way as their companion-in-arms did in the previous series.
The battalion-type Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams (OMLT), the third rotation, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Valentin Nedelescu, consists of 36 military selected from the structures subordinated to the 15th Mechanized Brigade "Podu Īnalt" and has as its main mission the staff and administrative assistance offered to the military of the Afghan National Army from Zabul Province.
The military from the battalion-type Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams (OMLT), the second rotation, have been awarded NATO/ISAF Medal for Operations in Afghanistan as an appreciation of their remarkable results got in accomplishing the entrusted mission.

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