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Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, participated on Thursday, March 17th, in the starting-up of the "8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier" national program that took place at Moreni Auto Mechanical Plant. The research project of this new product meets the Romanian Armed Forces' requirements and was expounded on this occasion.
With reference to the importance of this program both for the Romanian Armed Forces and for the national defence industry, Minister Oprea stated: "The Romanian troops need a 21st century-level ordnance and I may assure you that as long as I head this ministry I will search for a solution primarily within the national industry. In MoND we have experts, we have resources for research and development in armoured vehicles and we also have political will. "8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier" program is the first one designed to renew the national defence industry and, at the same time, it provides the Romanian Armed Forces with an efficient, highly protected and mobile product, internationally competitive, to be exported for the Romanian State's benefit.
The ministry's leadership priorities include keeping the soldiers' safety and ensuring the best conditions for their missions both home and in TOs: "15 soldiers were killed in action in TOs and many have been wounded from the improvised explosive devices' attack on the armoured carriers they were in. It is our duty and obligation, in memory of their price, to do our best to ensure the protection of all our military. That is the reason why we are now here", stated the Minister of National Defence.
As to the cooperation between the MoND and the national defence industry plants, Minister Gabriel Oprea stressed on the fact that 2010 was the year when a concrete initiative, supportive for the national defence industry, passed through the enactment of the Government`s Order no. 38: "This decision was a lifesaver for many economic agents and Moreni Auto Mechanical Plant, which received 5,000 tons of used-up ordnance to be deconstructed, was one of them. The free transfer of those 50,000 tons of atypical, overstock or dangerous ammunition meant to be carved out and salvaged and of those 30,000 tons of unutilized armament and technique went towards keeping the job of the highly qualified specialists and preserved the production installations for the coming years.
The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Defence, Public Order and National Security Committee from the Chamber of Deputes, Costica Canacheu, senators, deputes, the Chairman of the County Council Dambovita, Florin Popescu, the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Stefan Danila, and representatives of central structures from the MoND.
A steering and floatage demo of two amphibious armoured carrier prototypes, produced by Moreni Auto Machanical Plant, took place at the end of the activity.
"8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier" (TBT 8x8) will be a fighting armoured transporter, designed to ensure a three-level protection of the infantry troops against splinters, bullets, light infantry gunnery, and also against CBRN effects during the specific missions.
The carrier`s plank allows:
- Different configuration possibilities: troop transporter, point of command, rescue vehicle, ambulance, NBC reconnaissance or fighting machine endowed with various guns.
- Integration of NATO and European Community compatible equipments, made by the Romanian industry, involvement in NATO programs, establishment of new strategic partnerships, logistic support for the Romanian Armed Forces for a long term.
TBT 8x8 meets different requirements ranged in categories as: mobility, survival ability, own fire power, command, control and communications.

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