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The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, participated in the Conference of the National Association of War Veterans (ANVR) that took place at the Palace of the National Military Club on Thursday, April 14.

The minister said in his speech: "This is a special day, a day when we can bring a tribute to you, the country`s brave soldiers, who taught us the lesson of dignity and patriotism over the years. Your deeds showed that the love for one`s country can be one of the noblest virtues. Today`s soldiers have the sacred duty of fighting and accomplishing their mission with determination, of promoting the country`s security interests whenever requested to do so and they owe it to their comrades that died in combat and they owe it to you, the war veterans".

Speaking of ANVR’s activity, the defence minister emphasized: "The National Association of War Veterans is a true school of patriotism, dignity and honor for both active duty military personnel and the entire Romanian society. I am well aware of the problems you face as I have constant meetings with all of you and with the chairman of the association, General Marin Dragnea. Together with those responsible in assisting war veterans, we stand by you in order to always find the best solutions to your problems. We are happy to see that you go on guiding the steps of today`s military men, offering your advice but mostly being an example of outstanding commitment and devotion in serving country and Colors ".

On the "Day of the War veterans-2011", as a token of respect for their efforts in evoking glorious military instances, for taking further our heroic traditions and for defending military honor and dignity, the defence minister awarded the National Association of War Veterans a Commendation Diploma and an anniversary plate.

Beside war veterans, the conference was attended by State Secretary Mihail Vasile-Ozunu, the Chief of General Staff, Major General Ștefan Dănilă, representatives of the Presidential Administration, of the Ministry of the Administration and Internal Affairs, of the national security system, of the National Association of the retired and Reserve Military personnel, of the local public authorities.

General (R) Marin Dragnea read the Report of the National Conference and then the Final Decision of the meeting was adopted.

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