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On Thursday, May 5, Corporal Constantin Laurentiu-Lixandru fell on duty in Zabul Province, Afghanistan.

According to the procedures, the soldier was carrying out a land reconnaissance mission while patrolling on A1 Highway. Attacked with an improvised explosive device, the Corporal was seriously wounded and immediately evacuated to the military hospital from Lagman to receive medical care. Despite the efforts made by the medical staff in order to save his life, the Corporal died. The military was married and had no children.

Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, signed the rising order to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (Posthumous) of Corporal Constantin-Laurentiu Lixandru who laid down his life under the National Colours proving a remarkably devotion during the missions carried out in Afghanistan TO.

Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, has also submitted to the President of Romania a resolution of awarding 2nd Lieutenant (Posthumous) Constantin-Laurentiu Lixandru with the “Steaua Romaniei” National Order in rank of Cavalier, for military, with war insignia.
On Friday, May 6, at 08.00 hours, all the military units around the country will organize military and religious ceremonies as a token of gratefulness, appreciation, and full respect for the hero Constantin-Laurentiu Lixandru.

Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, and the leading staff of the Armed Forces express their deep sorrow for this lost and they feel for the hard-stricken family.

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