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Frigate "Regele Ferdinand", that takes part in the emebargo on Libya in the Mediterranean Sea since April 30, has carried out 70 specific missions so far. The crew`s morale and health condition are very good.

The main missions of the frigate consist of patrol and monitoring ships in its area of responsibility, interrogating and checking ships suspected of carrying arms and mercenaries to Libya.

NATO-led Naval Group the Romanian frigate is part of consists of 20 ships, in the staff of which there are two Romanian officers as well. From May 17 to 19, at the end of the first stage of the mission, the frigate is going to restore its operational capability in a port in South-East Europe, as decided by the group command.

Frigate "Regele Ferdinand" with a 205 crew, under the command of Capt. (N) Mihai Panait, left Constanşa Port on April 22 in order to particpate in "Unified Protector" operation.

"Unified Protector" is an operation that was designed by NATO on March 23 as a means of enforcing the arms embargo on Libya, following UNSC Resolution 1973.

On March 22, the Supreme Council for National Defence decided that Romania should participate with forces and equipment in the weapon embargo against Lybia. On March 23, the Government Decision No.270 was adopted, stipulating an increase of the defence budget with 19.164.000 lei of the National Reserve Fund, for the participation in operation "Unified Protector".

Frigate "Regele Ferdinand" participated during 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010 in "Active Endeavour" operation in the Mediterranean, conducting missions to prevent and counter terror and illegal trafficking, along other ships and forces under NATO command.

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