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Frigate "Regele Ferdinand", that takes part in NATO-led operation "Unified Protector", carried out a humanitarian mission Thursday night when it assisted the 150 people onboard of civilian boat in distress, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The small civilian boat with African emigrants onboard, among which 10 women and 15 children, left Libyan port Misrata on May 9. Due to an engine malfunction and water infiltrations, the boat was drifitng some 100 NM north of Tripoli, in danger of sinking.

Several members of the Romanian frigate assisted in reparing the engine, the water pump in the cargo of the ship, turned the engine on again and insulated the infiltration areas.

The crew of Frigate "Regele Ferdinand" offered the passangers of the boat food, water and the necessary fuel for their voyage.

The humanitarian intervention of the Romanian frigate crew was conducted in agreement with the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS); it is the duty of the ships involved in NATO-led operation "Unified Protector" to offer support to ships in danger at sea.

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Actualizare: 24.02.2019