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The Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea ordered that new aid, consisting of blankets, clothing, medicine, bottled water and food, be sent to the 400 the socially assisted people in Valea Screzii camp.
The humanitarian aid was provided and transported to destination by the Joint Logistic Command, on Thursday, December 29.

Today’s intervention is the second time humanitarian aid sent to the people in Valea Screzii. The first one was organized on December 16, and consisted of two military tents, food, dishes, clothing, ten isothermal kitchens and a mobile kitchen that were sent to the Posešti Mayor’s Office.


Posešti Mayor’s Office, in the area of responsibility of Pro Vita Association, requested the support of the Ministry of National Defence in December 14, which responded rapidly, upon the order of the minister of national defence, for the relief of the people affected by the fire of December 13.

At present, this nonprofit, non-political ONG takes care of 400 socially assisted people. Among them, there are children placed there by the Prahova County Child Protection, single-parent families with over eight children, challenged mothers with one to six children, over 80 years old seniors, young people who had to leave orphanages after becoming of age, recovered homeless children.

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