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The Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea participated in the ceremony organized on Friday, January 6, to celebrate 135 years since the 15th "Podu Īnalt" Mechanized Brigade was established.

"I see here in this formation, brave men, true patriots, military men proud of their heritage of the foot soldiers from Iasi, that was passed along from generation to generation. This large unit continues the tradition of a legendary unit of the Romanian Army, the 15th Foot Soldiers Regiment, that participated with glory in all significant battles and wars of the Romanian nation since the Independence War" the defence minister pointed out.

The defence minister paid homage to the forefathers whose ideals are furthered by the soldiers with honor, pride, dignity and determination: "I appreciate the competence, passion and efficiency of your actions in the last years` missions at home and abroad, your high performance during exercises, training, shooting, actions that showed your professionalism and the outstanding way you do your duty and observe the military oath".

Minister Gabriel Oprea thanked the soldiers from Iasi saying "Your activity is well-known dur to the interventions during the floods in Moldavia, in the past years. The brave deeds for saving people and assisting them gave Romanian people back the hope and trust that the military will always be there for them, readily lending a hand to solve difficult situations".

"Now, at the beginning of 2012, we can say your team meets the requirements of the high rsponsibility missions that you are given. You should look with hope into the future and bear in mind that you come from a valuable military tradition that obliges. I am convinced you will continue to be the same worthy followers of the foot soldiers " the defence minister said.

Minister Oprea congratulated the troops of the 15th "Podu Īnalt" Mechanized Brigade, gave them his wishes of good health and personal achievements.
The 15th "Podu Īnalt" Mechanized Brigade is the unit continuing the combat traditions of the 15th Foot Soldiers Regiment, that was established on January 1st, 1877 based on Decree No. 2195 of November 26, 1876. As of 1996, the brigade participated in peacekeeping missions in Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, in the theaters of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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