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Troops and military equipment are on stand by, according to the order of the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea, ready to intervene and save people in danger or clear the roads blocked by the snow storms and massive snowing. All military units across the country are also ready to intervene, as provided by the action plans for emergency situations if requested by central or local authorities and continue to work, since Wednesday evening, with troops and equipment.
Right now the military is engaged with troops and equipment in assisting and evacuating people in cars blocked by the snow, clearing roads and distributing food and warm tea at km 111 and km 24 on route A2, on route A1 - the crossroads with the ringway of the capital city and on DN 3 - the crossroads with the ringway of the capital city, at Brănești, Ilfov County, on DN 5 - at Uzunu, Giurgiu County, Alexandria-Răsmirești route in Teleorman County, at Beștepe, Tulcea County, at Nicolae Bălcescu, Constanța County and at Boțârlău, Vrancea County.
From Thursday evening to Friday night military units distributed food, water and warm tea to people whose cars were blocked by snow on routes A1 și A2. The military units providing assistance belong to Land Forces Staff and Joint Logistic Command and operate from both ends of the said routes.
The 30th "Mihai Viteazul" Guard Regiment operating on armored personnel carriers and trucks on the ringway of the capital city cleared over 60 IRT from snow and distributed warm tea, water and food to people blocked in cars.
As of January 25 till today, over 1,500 troops intervened with equipment and trucks in several counties. If neccessary the military can work with up to 5,000 troops in emergency cases.
Minister Gabriel Oprea ordered that all units react immediately if requested or reported that people are in danger and instructed local authorities to ask the assistance of military units, which are ready to promptly intervene with the available troops and equipment.
The defence ministry keeps the situation in the country under observation, through its specialized structure in the General Staff so that they should be able to intervene in support of the population affected by the extreme weather conditions.

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