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Troops and military equipment continued to take steps, as ordered by the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea, to save people in danger and to clear roads in areas affected by blizard and massive snowfall.
Today, January 28th , the troops of the 30th Guard Regiment started to clear the snow in Bucharest, in the area of Drumul Taberei, Gorjului and Veteranilor markets and work with armoured carriers on A2 route, to restore traffic flow, alongside the 96th Engineer Battalion.

The troops of the 22nd Transport Battalion keep providing drinking water to a monastery located at an altitude of 1000m in the proximity of Moțăieni, Dâmbovița County, while the troops of the 3rd Engineering Battalion clear roads connecting Rîmnicu Sărat with Boldu and Balta Albă, in Buzău County.

The Joint Logistic Command sent troops and equipment to clear route A1, DN 5 near Uzunu, Giurgiu County, Beștepe, Tulcea County and Nicolae Bălcescu, Constanța County, to clear cars out of snow and to restore traffic.
On Friday, January 27th , the Land Forces worked at clearing cars from snow on route A1 at the crossroads with the ringway of the capital city and on DN 3, the crossroads with the ringway of the capital city, at Brănești, at Boțârlău, Vrancea County and the Alexandria-Răsmirești route in Teleorman County.
At the request of Vrancea County Prefect`s Office, the troops cleared from snow a firemen`s truck in Răstoaca and evacuated two seriously ill persons from Voetin and Sihlea, by a medevac caterpillar armoured truck.

At the request of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the troops from Buzău intervened last night for the evacuation of several people and for towing vehicles from the road to restore traffic on route Buzău-Brăila, near C.A. Rosetti.

The military provide bedding materials (mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows) for the accomodation of 21 Bulgarian citizens in the gym of a highschool in Brăila. At the request of the Dâmbovița County Prefect`s Office, seven military tents and related materials were provided for the use of the authorities.

The Navy was involved with men and equipment in clearing roads near Slava Rusă and Slava Cercheză, on the road connecting Tulcea with Constanța and distributed warm tea and food to people blocked on route A2, at km 111.

The Air Forces cleared segments of the road on DN 3, at the crossroads with the capital city ringway at Uzunu, Giurgiu County and route A2, on km 24.

One aircraft and one helicopter of the 90th Airlift Flotilla equipped for medical evacuation procedures are ready to respond to requests from authorities.

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