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Defence ministry personnel continues to collect and distribute food and basic goods on Monday, February 13, to save lives endangered by the massive snowfalls and storms and clearing access roads of snow.
During this exceptional situation people and local authorities face, te military continue to transport food and basic goods provided by associations and businesspersons in the food industry or collected at the 38 centers established to this end in Bucharest and other garrisons across the country.
Two coordination centers have been established: for land transport at the "Muntenia" Logistic Support Base, and for airlift at the 90th Airlift Flotilla. About 260 tons of food and 15,14 tons of clothing were collected at these centers. In 81 air and land transports, 140 tons of aid were taken to people isolated by snow in Giurgiu, Brăila, Vrancea, Buzău and Ialomița counties, in response to requests from local authorities.
The food carried by Air Force C-27 J SPARTAN aircraft to the 95th Air Flotilla as part of the air bridge established by order of the defence minister Gabriel Oprea were taken over by the troops of the 2nd Infantry Division to isolated localities in Vrancea County at the request of local authorities.
In Bucharest, there are 25 trucks ready to leave with about 120 tons of food, should the weather conditions and the state of the roads allow it, from the "Muntenia" Logistic Support Base to areas affected by snowfalls in Buzău and Ialomița counties.
The military intervened and continue to do so in counties from Muntenia, Dobrogea and south Moldova. Since the beginning of February, the intervention and support operations involved over 6,100 troops, organized in detachments, that carried out 286 interventions with 475 land , air and naval equipment. Many of the troops participated in more than one such interventions.
Troops actions target clearing roads of snow, acces routes to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, isolated houses, ambulances or other cars blocking roads.
On Monday, February 13, detachments of the 2nd Infantry Division work to clear of snow access routes in Săgeata, Buzău County. In the area of Buciumeni, Nicorești, Poiana and Vișina, Galați County, detachments of the 10th Engineering Brigade blow up ice and clear roads of snow.
Troops of the 8th LAROM Brigade clear roads of snow in the area of Dumitrești, Poiana Cristei, Gura-Caliței, Vrancea County.
A detachment of the Engineers’ Training Center clear roads of snow in the area of Bălcești, Vâlcea County.
Troops of the 235th Logistic Support Battalion in Târgoviște carry drinking water to the people in Schela Mare neighborhood, Moreni Municipality, that is no longer supplied with water, in Dâmbovița County.
The sea rescue tug "Grozavul" ensures the transport of from Sulina to Tulcea, and continues to break the ice on Sulina channel while ensuring the transportation of people from isolated localities in the Danube Delta. The sea rescue tug "Grozavul" began its support mission on February 6 and has covered until now over 400 Nm in the operations it conducted on the Danube.
River tugboat 328 continues to transport people between Tulcea and Tudor Vladimirescu. Since the beginning of this mission, on January 31, RF 328 crossed the river 52 times and carried 940 passengers, SMURD teams, sick people and food.
The Ministry of National Defence keeps the situation in the country under observation, through its specialized structure in the General Staff and can respond to requests from local and central authorities with 8000 troops and 2000 equipment, for the containment of
the effects of massive snowfalls and snow storms, as ordered by the the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea.

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