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Sergeant Ion-Lucian Leu演ean, severely wounded in Afghanistan last year, died in the morning of Wednesday 9 May, at the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest. The NCO was in a coma, hospitalized at the intensive care unit where, despite the doctors` long term efforts, his life could no not be saved.

He was 25 years old, single and joined the military in 2009.
Ion-Lucian Leu演ean, of the 2nd Maneuver Battalion was seriously wounded on 7 September 2011, as a result of the explosion of an improvised explosive device, while on a ground search mission in Zabul Province.

He was given first aid on the spot then transported by an MEDEVAC helicopter to the field hospital in Lagman Base for surgery.

On 8 September, the Romanian soldier was taken to the US Military Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, for specialized treatment. Later, on 30 October, he was transferred to the Military Hospital in Romania, while he was in a vegetative state. His diagnose was multiple internal and cerebral traumas. Over the period he was hospitalized at the intensive care unit, he was under constant medical surveillance with state of the art medical equipment. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the pluridisciplinary medical team of the military hospital, the clinical evolution of the patient worsened. Ten days ago the patient`s state began to progressively deteriorate, was non-responsive to specific treatment, the military dying eventually as a result of cardiac arrest.

The Minister of National Defence, Mr. Corneliu Dobrioiu, promoted Sergeant Ion-Lucian Leu演ean posthumously in rank, to 2nd Lieutenant, for his sacrifice during the service under national colours, for his deeds of outstanding devotion, while carrying out his mission in the theater of operations in Afghanistan.

The defence minister will forward a proposition to the President of Romania, that 2nd Lieutenant Ion-Lucian Leu演ean be awarded posthumously the National Order "Steaua Rom滱iei", rank of Knight; for military, with war insignia.

Today, 9 May, at 15.00, all military units in the country or deployed abroad will organize military and religious ceremonies, as a token of gratitude, appreciation and respect for hero Ion-Lucian Leu演ean.

The leadership of the Ministry of National Defence send their deep sorrow for the loss of to 2nd Lieutenant (posthumous) Ion-Lucian Leu演ean to the grieving family.

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