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National Defence Minister`s Eulogy in Memory of 2nd Lieutenant Leu演ean

It was with deep sorrow that I found out that our comrade Ion-Lucian Leu演ean, 2nd Lieutenant posthumous, has passed away.

Such sad news that reached me at the very beginning of my mandate as minister of national defence, can only make me even more determined in following my pledge to make the Romanian troops` missions in theaters of operations safer, using all means possible.

Today, all military units commemorate 2nd Lieutenant (posthumous) Ion-Lucian Leu演ean. The defence ministry leadership is by the side of the grieving family. I am aware no words could possibly comfort the saddness overwhelming our hero`s mother and sister, or any of those who knew, loved and appreciated him.

Ion-Lucian Leu演ean was a young and courageous soldier, a specialist, whom comrades and commanders remember as a good and warm man, whom they could always rely on. It was like that in the morning of 7 September 2011, when he bravely carried out his ground search mission. Ion-Lucian knew that area very well and had previously conducted many such missions together with his comrades. Unfortunately, it was his fate that a treacherous improvised explosive device blew up injuring him badly.

Weapons went silent for Ion-Lucian that autumn day, but once the battle ground went quiet, an even tougher battle started for him, that for his own life. It was a long battle, difficult and full of suffering. He did his fighting bravely but, unfortunately, despite American and Romanian doctors` efforts, he could not summon the strength to win it.

We pray for the rest of our comrade`s soul, for hero 2nd Lieutenant (posthumous) Ion-Lucian Leu演ean.

May he rest in peace!

Corneliu Dobrioiu, Minister of National Defence


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