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The Romanian troops deployed to Zabul Province, Afghanistan, received the visit of the delegation headed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday, 22 May.

The chief of the Romanian Government was briefed on the main missions accomplished by the Romanian troops in their area of responsibility in the Southern Afghanistan, the operations conducted in cooperation with the Coalition forces and with the partners in the Afghan Security Forces, as well as on the support and assistance they provide to the local population.

The delegation met with the troops of the 2nd Maneuver Battalion deployed to the forward base Bullard, whereas the troops of the 1st Maneuver Battalion and Colonel Adrian Tonea, commander of the national contingent deployed to Zabul Province, met with the delegation at the forward base Apache. There, a stand was displayed, exhibiting the equipment used by the Romanian troops in this theater of operations.

Later in the day, the delegation members traveled to Kandahar to meet with Major General James Huggins, Commander ISAF Regional South Command. The discussions revolved around the special cooperation the Romanian troops have with the partners within ISAF.

The National Military Representative of Romania to Afghanistan, Colonel Mircea Mândrescu, gave a briefing for the members of the delegation: Prime Minister Victor Ponta, State Secretary Dan Tătaru, Lieutenant General Valeriu Nicuț, deputy Chief of General Staff for Operations and Training and Mr. Mark Henry Gitenstein, the US ambassador to Bucharest, on the activity of the National Support Element, ensuring the operational readiness of the Romanian troops deployed in the theater of operations and the cooperation with similar US structures troops regarding the provision of necessary equipment, as provided by the signed agreements.

The Romanian Military participate with about 1,800 troops in Afghanistan TO, manning maneuvers battalions, liaison and monitor structures, logistic support and staff positions. They are mainly deployed to Zabul Province, but to Kandahar, Bagram and Kabul, as well.
The 1st and 2nd Maneuver Battalions in Afghanistan consist mainly in troops of the 300th Infantry Battalion of Galați and the 280th Mechanized Battalion, Focșani.

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