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The Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobrițoiu and the chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, visited Cîmpia Turzii and Cluj-Napoca garrisons, on 7 June.

Air Flotilla General Laurian Anastasof, commander of the 71st "General Emanoil Ionescu" Air Flotilla of Câmpia Turzii, briefed the officials on the main missions of the unit - NATO-led Air Police servicing, search and rescue operations under national command - how the missions are manned and the material resources allotted.

The two dignitaries visited the facilities built by the American partner, as the air flotilla personnel participates in exercises along the US Air Forces.

The Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobrițoiu appreciated the importance of the air missions highlighting the importance of the multirole aircraft on the defence ministry agenda: "It is an issue that has been postoned for years and now we risk to put ourselves in a quite unfortunate position in terms of credibility as a NATO member state. I assure you I will summon all political and institutional resources I can, so that this goal be reached, as it bears on Romania`s evolution and strategic position in the eastern flank of NATO in the following decades.

The visit continued in Cluj-Napoca garrison, where the defence minister and the chief of General Staff met with the leadership of the 4th "Gemina" Infantry Division, as well as the commanders of subordinate brigades and units.

The defence ministry officials were briefed on human resources and procurement-related problems of the large unit; they appreciated the efforts made by the division personnel in accomplishing their missions and the judicious management of resources in times of crisis.

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