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The Minister of National Defence, Mr. Corneliu Dobrižoiu, will participate, on Thursday, 21 June, from 3 p.m., in the military ceremony marking the return of the Combined Team Zabul and the 1st Maneuver Battalion from Afghanistan, organized at the 300th "Sf. Andrei" Mechanized Battalion, Galaži.

The over 650 troops, that manned the two structures in Zabul Province, for six months, belong, mostly, to the 282nd "Unirea Principatelor" Mechanized Brigade and the 300th "Sf. Andrei" Mechanized Battalion. Their mission in the theater of operations was taken over by troops of the 2nd "Sarmizegetusa" Mountain Brigade and the 21st "General Leonard Mociulschi" Mountain Battalion.

Invited to the activity were the troops` families, active and reserve military personnel, representatives of the local authorities.

Arrangements for journalists` access will be made at the 300th "Sf. Andrei" Mechanized Battalion, 32 Ŗtefan cel Mare St., Galaži, from 14.15 to 14.45. POC: Capt. Marius Dinižć, tel. 0726 767 776.

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