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Sebastian Huluban, State Secretary for Defence Policy and the chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă participated in the festivity of the 115th "NEAGOE BASARAB-500" graduation series of "Carol I" National Defence University as well as of the 23rd series of graduates of the course "Probleme actuale ale securității naționale" [Today`s Issues of National Security] of the National Defence College, organized in front of the Monument of Homeland`s Heroes, on Friday, 20 July.

On this occasion, the state secretary made a point of conveying the participants in the event the following message: "It is our duty as professors, students, military leaders to keep or even bring back, if this is the case, military education institutions to the standards they used to have by tradition. "Sebastian Huluban also mentioned that there are encouraging premises as far as military education is concerned and that we have all been proud of the good results registered by military high schools in the graduation exams.

The state secretary pointed out in his message: "We have very good results in all fields of education. Let us work in such a way as to leave no room for doubts, as to have no reason to be ashamed. I speak here of the discussions in the civil society on the quality of some of the diplomas and titles issued by our universities. It is up to us to keep our standards high."

Lieutenant General Teodor Frunzeti, commander (rector) of the National Defence University pointed out that the graduates finished one more stage of the ample process of learning, which gives them an admirable reputation. "How you choose to further your instruction will determine how credible you will be as military leaders."

General Frunzeti also said: "Each of you will become a part of an elite structure, in a changing and challenging world. Have faith in the future and bear in mind that you come from a valued military tradition that compels you the highest standards of performance."

Present at the event were also civilian and military officials of the highest ranks, reserve and retired military personnel, foreign defence attachés accredited to Bucharest.

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