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The Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobrižoiu, participated in the celebration of the Day of the Military Press, organized at the Palace of the National Military Club, on Monday, 23 July.

"The 153 years that passed since the first issue of a military publication are an opportunity for me to send an unconventional message. You lived through times of glory but of shameful obedience as well. Do not ever let anyone interfere in your work or put pressure on you. You have to contribute to the change of mentalities and attitudes of the military personnel and to exercise a positive influence on the military and civilian decision-makers."
"The military forces are in a critical condition due to chronic under-budgeting. This is why I ask you to present the situation of the military correctly, in order to determine a prompt response from the military leaders", minister Corneliu Dobrižoiu added.

The chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Ŗtefan Dćnilć, thanked the representatives of the military press for promoting the image of the Romanian Armed Forces: "I have to confess that my decision to follow a military career was strongly influenced by the shows and articles of the military journalists. I hope that due to your work, more and more young people would choose to make a career in the military."

"The place and role of the military press is to promote good practices and to offer civil society a correct image on the Ministry of National Defence and the force structure. I have the request that you keep your objectivity and that together we should promote the values of the Romanian military", the chief of General Staff added.

The activity was attended by the state secretary for armaments, Ms. Floarea Ŗerban, Major General Ariton Ionižć, commander of the Joint Logistic Command, as well as present and former military journalists.

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