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In his message conveyed to the students enlisted in the ministry`s military high-schools and the WO and NCO Schools, the Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobrižoiu, said that the beginning of the school year stands for hope, ambition and commitments.

Also, the minister wished luck especially to the "freshers" who began school today and advised them to be proud to be students of the educational institutions which provided the nation with many valuable leaders not only military ones but also scientists, men of culture, very well known and respected people both domestically and abroad.
"Dear students, the path you`ve chosen is not easy but, as a military high-school graduate, I can tell you that you`ll have many satisfactions too. First of all, you have wonderful teachers, professors with pedagogical vocation, the remarkable results obtained by our students in specific competitions, at graduation exams or the entrance exams taken in the higher education institutions standing proof to their true professionalism. You also have valuable didactic materials, decent living standards and last, but not the least, outstanding commanders that will guide your steps. In our turn, we have great expectations from you and I am sure that we won`t be disappointed ", says Minister Dobrižoiu in his message.

In the final part of the message, the minister of defence wished the military students luck, success in their educational activity, power of work, inspiration and to be in good health.

Students, members of the teaching staff of the military high-schools and WO and NCO Schools, parents and representatives of the local public authorities also participated in the opening ceremonies of the new school year.

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