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The visit in the theater of operations of Afghanistan of the military delegation headed by the Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobrižoiu, continued in Kandahar, on Friday, 2 November, where they met with the Romanian troops deployed at the military airport base.

During the evening, the delegation met with the commander of Regional Command South, Major General Robert Abrams and the commander of Kandahar Air Base, Brigadier General Scott Dennis.

The agenda of the talks included topics of general interest, such as the present situation and the perspectives in the area of responsibility of Regional Command South, the place and role of the Romanian contingent and the intention of the Romanian military to participate in the future, post 2014 NATO mission in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, 3 November, the members of the delegation met with troops of the 1st and 2nd Maneuver Battalions deployed at the forward basis of Al Masak and Mescall, discussing missions accomplished, cooperation with US troops and the Afghan security forces, as well as the degree of satisfaction with the logistic support available.

Minister Dobrižoiu congratulated the over 1,200 troops of the 2nd "Sarmizegetusa" Mountain Troops deployed to Afghanistan, for their 96th anniversary of existence.

The military delegation that ended its visit in Afghanistan included General Staff, Lieutenant General Ŗtefan Dćnilć, the chief of the General Defence Intelligence Directorate, Lieutenant General Ilie Botoŗ, the chief of Land Forces Staff, Lieutenant General Sorin Ioan, other representatives of the ministry leadership.

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