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The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duºa, had a meeting with representatives of the US Embassy in Romania, today, 10 January. The delegation headed by Duane Butcher, U.S. Chargé d'affaires ad interim, included Colonel Roderick E. Dorsey Jr., Senior Defense 0fficial/Defense Attaché and Joseph Trimble, Deputy Political Chief.

From the very beginning, Minister Mircea Duºa thanked the US delegation for the constant support the USA has been offering to our country, mentioning once more that as part of the strategic partnership between Romania and the U.S. military relations are close, involving a series of long-term partnerships in the defense ministry and in missions in operation theaters. On this occasion, the Romanian Minister sent his congratulations for the nomination of the new U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

"Romania will respect the commitments assumed in the partnership with the United States of America and we will make efforts for our bilateral relations in the military sector to be maintained at high standards and for us to be operative so that we carry out what we have committed to do. The U.S. and Romania has a special strategic relationship. In Iraq or Afghanistan the Romanian-American military partnership has functioned and functions perfectly," said the Romanian official.

At the same time, the American delegation congratulated the National Defense Minister for his new term. "We support the partnership with Romania which has proved to be a trustworthy partner who has constantly been by our side. The other day I also had a meeting with Prime Minister Victor Ponta who expressed his trust in you and assured us that our projects in all fields are feasible and will be continued," stated U.S. Chargé d'affaires ad interim Duane Butcher.

National Defence Minister Mircea Duºa stated that the objectives related to the missions and responsibilities Romania has as a NATO and EU member state and those assumed through the Romanian-American partnership are the maximum importance priority of his term as the ministry`s leader.

"You can count on us completing in time and in accordance with the agreed standards all the preparations necessary for the operation of the Deveselu missile defense system. In this respect, works to prepare the military base will be carried out for access routes, utilities in the area and other such issues so that the infrastructure elements are operational in accordance with the decided schedule."

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