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University of National Defence, Center for Strategic Studies of Defence and Security in cooperation with the Agency for Military Techniques and Technologies organize between June 3 and 4, 04 from 08.30 at 16.00 hours the seminar on “Romania, Member of the North Atlantic Alliance”.

The guests invited to this activity are the representatives of the Parliamentarian Commissions of Defence, Public Order and National Security; the Romanian Government; Ministry of National Defence; Ministry of Administration and Foreign Affairs; Romanian Intelligence Service; Guard and Protection Service; teachers; researchers; military attaches accredited in Bucharest; representatives of NGOs and media and different companies with contribution in the support of the Romanian Armed Forces for NATO transformation in military capacities area.

Romanian engagement from Prague on capabilities and the possibilities for increasing the initiatives and the process of improvement of capabilities of dislocation, support in the theaters of operations, protection and rapid response of NATO forces will be analyzed during this seminar.

A show of products made by the participating companies will be organized during this seminar.

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