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Project Deveselu Goes On

The idea was endorsed by James N. Miller, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, during an official telephone conversation with defence minister Mircea Duša, on 12 February.
The talk was initiated by the US official, as a consequence of today’s Barack Obama Sate of the Union Address and had two components: the missile defense system in Europe and the perspectives of Afghanistan missions.
The US official stated that the United States of America will observe its commitments as provided by the agreement signed with Romania on placing the missile defense system at Deveselu. The US official said that the project goes on.
As to the future of the missions in Afghanistan, the Romanian official reiterated Romania’s commitments with troops in Afghanistan, saying that, given the importance of the mission for Romania and its Armed Forces, we continue to support the allies.
James N. Miller also said that a decision on the future of the troops in Afghanistan would be taken together with NATO partners, which represents a new stage in the plans of the Washington Administration. The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Duša, thanked the US forces for the support offered along the years and reassured them of the entire support of the Romanian Armed Forces in all initiated projects.

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