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Commemoration ceremonies for the militaries who lost their lives in the plane crash occurred in Bacău County

Commemoration ceremonies were held in all units located both domestically and in the theaters of operations on Friday, March 8, in the honor of the Warrant Officer III-rd class Laurențiu Chiru and Sergeant 1st Class Vasile Manolache who lost their lives in the air crash occurred in Bacău County.

The commemoration ceremony held at 95 Air Flotilla, where the two militaries worked, was attended by the Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dușa, and the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă.

Defence Minister Dușa expressed his condolences to the families in mourning, restating at the same time the full support of the military institution so that they can get over these difficult moments. In his turn, the Chief of General Staff sent the deceased militaries’ families a support message.

The commemoration ceremony held in Buharest, at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters, was attended by State Secretaries Vasile Costea and Sebastian Huluban as well as by military and civilian personnel. A moment of silence and a religious commemoration mess were held during the ceremony.

Similar ceremonies were held this morning in all bases located in the theaters of operations where Romanian militaries are deployed.

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