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Bilateral meeting with the Afghan Minister of Defence, Bismillah Klan Mohammadi

During the bilateral meeting with the Afghan Minister of Defence, Bismillah Klan Mohammadi, Mircea Dușa reiterated Romania`s present and future support of Afghanistan for stability and security within the institutional framework of NATO. Romania will continue to be involved in the consolidation of Afghan security after 2014 as part of the future NATO mission.

A direct support Romania can offer in the spirit of the qualitative improvement of Afghan National Army could be the training and even formation of officers, NCOs or WOs in dedicated Romanian institutions "that are internationally recognized and appreciated", Mircea Dușa said. The offer was accepted by the Afghan minister and an agreement will be drafted to this effect in the near future.

Bismillah Klan Mohammadi thanked Romania for the support of its troops in the training process and appreciated the professionalism of the Romanian troops, according to NATO mission. It is for the first time that a Romanian defence minister meets with the Afghan defence minister.

Minister Mircea Dușa invited the Afghan minister to visit Romania, which would be an opportunity to discuss possible cooperation partnerships in the defence industry along with Romanian state institutions in the field.

Minister Mircea Dușa met with the deputy ISAF commander, Lieutenant General Nick Patrick Carter, and Andrew W. Steinfeld, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization deputy senior civilian representative in Kabul. Lieutenant General Carter thanked Romania for its important contribution to NATO stabilization and assistance operation and made a briefing on the current state of affairs. They also discussed the future NATO mission, the goals and challenges it will have to meet.

From Kabul, the visit continued to Kandahar, where the minister visited the transit camp, the national support element, the force protection company involved in base security and had meetings with the troops there. On this occasion they checked the operation conditions of the military vehicles that were found to be good.

The delegation gave a special attention to the training facilities for the identification of the improvised explosive devices and M Roller simulators.

Then there followed a meeting with Major General Robert B. Abrams, RC-South, and Brigadier General John L. Dolan, commander of Kandahar Base. They appreciated the activity of the Romanian troops and gave a briefing on the current situation.

* * *

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dușa and a military delegation consisting of the chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, the Director General of the Defence Intelligence General Directorate, Major General Marian Hăpău, the deputy chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Valeriu Nicuț and the commander of the Joint Logistic Command, Lieutenant General Cătălin Zisu made a visit in Afghanistan on Tuesday, 9 April.

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